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Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007





I want to dedicate this page to share our stories of signs and contacts from our angels! The first beginning with a dream! They say children are more capable of sightings, because of their innocense and clear minds! So it usually isn't surprising to hear a child tell us they have seen an angel! And for many of us it came in childhood and stayed!


This is the email I sent to Alan that he forwarded to Bella! Dearest Alan,

First let me thank you for your entry, and your not doubting me!!! It was so truly amazing and only these angels out of all of them, I knew them as soon as I was aware it was them. It was like a slow motion movie, I will try very hard for you to explain what happened. Because everything was normal until my decision to stop this guy! Then it became very unreal to me. Just as I took my first step toward my car, time slowed down, these angels were totally surrounding myself and my car, floating, or hovering I guess about a foot off the ground, their arms were outstretched as if to prevent anyone coming into or out of this circle. I did not see any light, not like the one the officers described, they thought I had a large search light to show the way. Again I didn't even have my flashlight. Each angel appeared to have a lighted or glowing auroa around them but not one that would shed light I don't think? i knew them right away, maybe because I work on their tributes so much and have every feature embedded into my brain. There was some differences though, The older Angels such as my Mom and Barbara seemed more youthful, and Crawford, Steven, Ryan and both Christopher's and especially Riley were kinda older looking, but I knew them as I did my Mom!!! You could tell that Crawford, Christopher, Ryan and Riley must be buddies! When I turned as I heard the deputies say step out of the vehicle, and saw they had their guns drawn, pow time was normal and the Angels were gone! These guys know me, as I have done a lot of work with them helping them. They know I would never say anything if I hadn't witnessed it! I had a hard time sleeping last night trying to go over in my mind if what happened was real, was I just that caught up in what I did and couldn't believe how easy it was to catch this guy. All I know is what I did or thought I saw was real to me, and in my heart, I believe what happened and am so grateful to them. I will always have a very special place in my heart for these angels always!! I hope I was helpful? I am still amazed and I know I will look at things so different now! Take care and again thank you for your entry! Warmest Regards Toni


Toni, I copied your guestbook enty that you sent me and the emails from me to you and yours back to me. I sent them to Bella, the psychic that I have been speaking to since the first of March. I have a "Contact with Crawford" page about her and I talk about her again on "1st year without you" page (last page). You may copy and paste this letter onto Bonnie's site if you want. I just added a memorial to my wife's mom onto the last page of his memorial. She passed about a year ago. Her name was Bonnie, also. I think that I will copy and paste parts of this onto his site. It's meant for all the parents who had children show up with you that night. Please pass it onto them. I'm sure that they will appreciate it as I have. I'm sorry, but I have deleted her email address for she no longer gives out readings due to her health. We just write to each other as friends, now and she has asked that I take her address off of my memorial sites and emails. With only memories of them, Alan
-----Original Message----- From: Bella To: allprohq@aol.com Sent: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:19 pm Subject: About Angels Dear Alan and any others that he shares this email with,

I have just read Toni’s account of her experience with a group of protective spirits from the other side during her ordeal with the dangerous car thief. First of all yes, without a doubt she was blessed by a visitation from across the divide. I have seen these sweet people in this form all my life which is 61 years. I can tell Toni that she shouldn’t be surprised if she notices more signs from them in the future. They are so very real and alive that I get extremely frustrated when people refuse to believe me. But since we have to accept the afterlife on faith I guess it is meant to be for only a few to actually “see” them. I always add here to be aware and skeptical of frauds, 95% are scamming … and then about 5% are people like me and Toni who truly have seen them and you can believe us because we are not asking you for a dime, we just want to tell you the truth about what we have seen. Please add my voice of the truthfulness of their existence and the fact of their interaction with those left behind here … I know they are there and waiting and watching over us until we join them. Occasionally they get to come through to us, this I also can swear to.
Yes, time moves differently for them … their time is slower than ours so when Toni entered their realm she slowed down. In that slower state she was able to see them in their physical form. They look like themselves except in perfect health in every way. They also often will have groups of people that they will come forward with. In Toni’s case they were people who knew her Mother and came to help … please believe me this happens all the time, especially with children … they are not always visible though. The light that she spoke of comes not from within them but comes from the portal that they have come through. Its as if they are standing in front of a doorway that is from a brightly lit room behind them. In my case once they actually step out of the portal they are not glowing or lit up … its possible that on that night they knew that the light that was coming through with them would cause the police to see the spot where they were needed. Once the danger had passed they returned to their realm. This could only have happened if Toni had put her life in danger of being taken and it was definitely not her time to pass over. Toni’s testimony along with my promise to you hopefully will comfort you that this is how when you die you will be greeted by a circle or group of loved ones. This is the true “circle of life”.
Please don’t doubt, just accept and be thankful because life does continue and we will all be blessed for eternity to live with our loved ones and new friends and no criminals and no cruelty ever again … just forever enjoying what to me looks like the Garden of Eden or Shangri La or the most breath-taking National Park you’ve ever seen. It’s so beautiful where they are and we will one day be. Bella


A Sign for Shana, This is amazing, so I asked Shana if I could share this with everyone, as it does bring us all hope that this to can happen for us! This picture was taken at the cemetery on Angel Joshua's birthday! You can clearly see he was there to join in on the celebration! Check out the balloon streamer, you can almost tell a little hand is holding it!!! Shana told me that this very balloon would not rise as the others did it just hovered! I literally cried for her! Thank you Shana for allowing me to share this amazing picture with all!

My First Sign From My Mom A few months after Momma passed away, I couldn't get a grip on my emotions, I wanted and needed my Mom! This was Sept now and I had already since her death faced 3 more deaths, and now my Nanny was dying, my heart was breaking again! I had read and heard of so many recieving signs from their loved ones, yet nothing from my Mom! Each day I sat at this computer, writing adding pictures, building Momma's Memorial feverishly as if the end might bring my Mom! When Nanny passed away, her children asked me to do her Eulogy, so carefully and lovingly I sat and wrote out what I wanted to say about my other Mother! The night before her service I could not stop crying, to many deaths to much to face, how was I going to get through tomorrow without breaking down and not being able to speak! I remember looking up with tears falling and begging my Mom to be with me, "Momma you know my heart, how will I do this for Nanny when I am hurting so badly, you have to get me through this!" And then as if praying to her I asked her for a huge sign one that I would know for sure that she was with me! About 45 minutes later an unscheduled or I should say unpredicted rain started, Nothing heavy, but rain, and it rained all night! She was with me, her first sign to me since she left! The following morning no rain, just beautiful sunshine, it was the most beautiful fall day! Needless to say I got through Nanny's Eulogy never once even choking up, because I knew my Mom was there with me, holding me up!

I wanted to share with those who do not understand the rain as my sign. The day My Mother passed away it was raining, it was raining 17 years earlier on that date when my grandmother also passed away, they both died in the same hospital and the same time on the same date, 17 years apart! Mom knew I would know sending the rain as her sign!

First Sign sent in my Tributes! The very first sign sent through in one of my tributes, was actually sent as a gift. Darla had asked me to make Barb a picture from her. This is what I had sent her! The following story is written by Barb! I don't know if I can find the words to express how I felt when I saw the locket with Mom's picture in it. I guess it was almost as though she was letting me know that my heart was with her just as I promised her it would be when she was taken from this earth. It was the one story that I did not put on Moms site until after the fact because it just seemed like it was our's if that make sense.

My Mom had purchased a heart shaped locket, not an expensive one..probably only about 60 or 70 dollars after my dad had passed away, she bought it to put in pictures of my dad and my sister, but the pictures never made it into the locket..She wore the locket daily without fail. When she was in the hospital the first time and had to take it off,she gave it to her husband and told him to put it away for her, well needless to say it took her a couple of weeks to find it.. but find it she did....The next visit to emergency when they were getting ready to admit her, she asked me to hold on to it for her, and I said I would do better than that..I would wear her heart close to mine so that when hers stopped beating, I could give her the locket and mine would beat for her....I put her locket on and it stayed around my neck until just a few minutes after she passed..when I then took it from around my neck and kissed the locket and my mom and placed it around her neck. So if you can imagine knowing that story and then opening up a tribute to your mom and seeing her picture in a locket, it confirmed to me that she might have the locket, but that she also had my heart and was still watching out for me.


Another Tribute sends a sign

A special angel  animated babies missing you

Tribute Sign Told by Shana Maddox There have been several signs, some I didn't see at the time, only to realize later. Some was before Joshua was born and the last was the night before he died. I had a sign one week before Joshua passed. A very good friend said it was the Lord trying to prepare me for what was about to happen. The next was the night before he died. Then last week I seen a stuffed teddy bear that plays music, it was given to me the morning of the C-section and I had a "sign" then of something happening to my baby, I broke down and when asked I just blew it off to getting ready for surgery "nerves". I never thought about that again until last week I found the bear in a closet. One of the "signs" I have had after he passed was with the help of Toni. She made a memorial for Joshua on Jan. 29, 2008 of him in the race car from the movie "CARS". When I was pregnant with him we was working on his and Kayleigh's room and we done hers in the Disney Princesses and his in "Cars" theme. I truly believe this influence came from Joshua to Toni as a "sign" to me. Thanks Toni for letting me share my story, and honoring my angel.

Dare to Dream  animated love missing you

Tribute Sign Sent By Angel Ryan Jordan I had done several Tributes over the months of Angel Ryan as Our Today's Special Angel, when one day I recieved an email from Andrea, asking me if I had known that Angel Ryan's accident had occured on a wednesday? Of course I didn't, but it seemed that every single time I had put his tribute up as Today's Special Angel it had always been on a wednesday! Not knowing for sure if this was bringing discomfort to the family, the next one I avoided the wednesday tribute. However when it was his turn again, no matter how I tried there was no avoiding a wednesday tribute as I had been moving angel's around due to Birthday and Angelversary tributes, I realized then that he wanted that day of the week and I wasn't going to avoid them anymore!! lol. Thank you Andrea for allowing me to share your story!

06-03-2008 1:13 PM -- By: Jeanie, From: My Heart Email: Dear Sweet Toni and Precious Mom Bonnie, As always when I see the tribute you make for my angel I cry because its so beautiful and reaches in and touches my heart deep within and somehow i know she loves it too Toni and is smiling from above. Thank you so much for this. This time there was a big SIGN from her to me that came through this tribute pic you created. When I saw her special angel tribute you made for her the song..One Sweet Day...was playing and i knew immediately that Chris, her little step-brother..that we lost in 1992..was with her. This song was the song POMC played at Chris's memorial. They are together in heaven wroking together to help us here and now its been validated...thank you so much for being so special like this...( like a medium) ...and you give freely to us all this gift. Thank You & God Bless You Toni. Love, Jeanie



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