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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

Gone but not forgotten

In Loving Memory of John W.Dowell Sr.

Sept 23,1896 to Nov. 8,1963

In Loving Memory of Ada P. Dowell

May 19,1918 to April 22, 1990

Someday we hope to meet you, Someday, we know not when, We shall meet in a better land And never part again.

Mom's Family

From left to right(in back) Grandma Pearl (Ada), Uncle Don, Grandpa John, Uncle Dean, Mom, Aunt Sharon, and Uncle Johnny


Grandpa Dowell Sr.

left to right: Uncle Dean, Uncle Don, My Mom, Grandpa holding Aunt Sharon, and Uncle John Jr.

Grandma Dowell

Ada Pearl Dowell

This was taken a few months before Grandma passed away

Mom's Great Great Grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Chartier

My Grandparents

I was only 11 when my grandpa passed away. I remember going to the boat docks where he lived in Salem, Oregon and helping him with the boats. I loved that place, Sharon and I would sneak into the snack bar and get milkyway bars from the counter, we thought we were sneaky, but grandpa knew and made sure they were there for us. I remember after he died telling grandma where grandpa had buried his money, out under the tree. He didn't trust banks, and when he thought we were sleeping he would go out and bury his money. One night, I heard something outside and looked out the upstairs window, and there was grandpa in the moonlight, burying his money. Good thing I saw that, that night or it might be buried out there still today. I took care of Grandma in her final months. She had a liver disease and was always in so much pain. A few days before she died, we had to put her in the hospital, as I couldn't give her the pain meds she needed. She kept asking me to take home to die, it about killed me not being able to. but Hospice wasn't here then. She died in my arms, and I thank God for that everyday.

Grandma (this was taken when Mom was in Hawaii)

Grandma really missed Mom when she was in Hawaii, they made a tape talking to her, and grandma and grandpa sang My Bonnie Lays over the Ocean. We still have that tape!

Grandma's final resting place

We had her viewing here, then grandma was sent home to be buried next to grandpa in Portland, Oregon

imikimi - Customize Your World


These songs were played or sung at both Grandparents funerals and my Mom's


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