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Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007







Mom Oh Lord,besides the day you left me this is probably the next hardest thing I will do? This letter to you! But I will try, it may take me a few days to complete as I know how emotional I still am where you are concerned. To those who take the time to read this, first thank you, but secondly please forgive me as it may seem to skip around as I ponder my memories and my feelings for my Mom! I am still trying to figure out how a year has passed by me so quickly when I hurt as if it were only yesterday! I never in my lifetime would have ever believed I would be writing to her a letter addressed to heaven!! I have written many letters to her in my lifetime, and so many of them she had kept, and as I was going through her things found them all wrapped in ribbon with such care. And as I read through them, (some back when I was a little girl), they all had one thing in common, they were all Thank You letters. So I decided this would be my final Thank You letter to my Mother.


Dear Momma, How do you put into words how thankful this daughter is for being so lucky to have had a Mother as wonderful as you? You had 6 children, yet each one felt like the only one that was that special to their Mother!! Being the oldest you did give me more responsibilities, and I have grown a better person for it! You taught me to love everyone, no matter what their mistakes! Not to be so serious all the time and enjoy life! I've thanked you a million times over for being my Mother, but now to tell you and your not here so I can hear you respond to it, really chokes me up! I thank God I had you for the time that I did, but in my heart it wasn't enough, I didn't want to let go. I was afraid to be alone without you! We were almost one person! You never saw one without the other! Now it has been a year that you left me, and I still feel a part of me missing. I cry so much over everything that reminds me of you, how many tears can one person shed? Hopefully in time I can try to erase the horror of your death and replace it with just the beautiful memories we shared. But I'm not sure when that can happen? Mom I'm glad your not suffering anymore and that you are far happier where you are now! But I feel so alone without you! Thank you Mom for the years we shared, the Lady I became because of you,and for always believing in me. Rest In Peace my Angel, and when it's my time to join you on the other side, I can almost see you now, that smile that always brightened my life, and your arms once again open wide and that wonderful comforted feeling I always felt as you pulled your arms around me tight!! Until then, I will try my best to carry on, make you proud, and see to it that your legacy of love is felt and known when I also am gone! I Love you Mom and I miss you so!!! Your loving Daughter Toni


As my mind wanders back over the years, I can't ever remember a time when I wasn't near my Mom. We seemed to cling to each other. We were always together! And now a year has gone by since Mom died, and all I can remember about it, is how have I made it a year without her? How do I let go? How do I go on? How will I ever feel anything ever again? I miss you so much Mom, there is such an empitness in me as if a part of me is missing!







Mom, Our sweet friend Nana Lynn made this for us for your one year Angelversary, and in your favorite color! Somehow Momma give her a sign from you to show her how very much we love her, and could you help Angel Riley show her he's fine, happy and with you? We miss you both! Thank you Lynn, your friendship means so much to me!



Pictures of Stephanie, Shelby and Trevor's Balloon Release for their Grams!
Balloon Release

Darla with the Balloons she and Mike Released for Momma and for Angel Barbara's Birthday! Thank You Darla and Mike!


Andrea and her husband at Angel Ryan's Grave releasing Balloons in your memory Momma, Thank you so much for your friendship and love. Oh what a celebration today!! And thank you for sharing the experience with me, I truely cried!!!!!


Andi bless her heart not feeling well still chose to join in with these beautiful balloons. Andi Thank you so much.


The Barbara Romanish Family shared their celebration for Angel Barbara's Birthday with Mom! Thanks Barb and your family also! Happy Birthday Angel Barbara, bet you and Mom had such a wonderful celebration together!!


These Beautiful Balloons are soaring to Heaven from Christy Pruitt for Mom. Thank you Christy, I know how sick you have been and how much you are going through, so this really touched my heart.




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