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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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01-10-2008 12:55 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

hi my dear Toni,thank you so much for stopping by, I'm so glad you are feeling better,i have been praying for you ,i love you and you angel mama soo much,i hope the weather is better their , we are suppose to have some severe storms here tonight,so i wanted to stop by before all that storms hit, i love you,and I'm so thankful for our friendship,WArmest hugs .Priscilla

01-09-2008 10:49 PM -- By: Brenda Moore,  From: Arkansas  

Dear Toni, I am so happy that you came into our lives. I know that we were guided to each other by our loved ones in heaven. I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful thing you did for my mother-in-law. My husband will love it too. He hasn't visited her in so many years. I know you are a special person because your mother raised you right. She is the reason you are the kind, compassionate, and caring person we all have come to love. Thank you once again for coming to our family in our darkest hour. May you heart be filled with peace and love. Sweet Dreams Angel Bonnie. Love, Brenda

01-09-2008 10:21 PM -- By: Lynn,  From:  

Hi Sweet Angels I just wanted to stop in and say Good Night before I leave for work I am going to try to make it tonight. We will see how it goes. anyway I Love you both very very much and I will see you in the morning when I get home. All my Love to you both. Toni I hope that you are feeling better. Love ya Nana Lynn

01-09-2008 9:17 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my Dear Sweet Friend Toni And Beautiful Angel Bonnie!I wanted to come and bring you lots of hugs and love!I wanted to let you know im thinking of you Both!You are always in my Prayers and Thoughts!Thank you again for making my day Special Yesterday!I will never forget what you have done for me!That picture you made for me I will forever Treasure it Thank you Sweety!Thank you for being such a very wonderful Friend to us!Thank you for all of your love and kindness for us all here at VM!You are a very Amazing Lady and I love you very much!Angel Bonnie please wrap your Beautiful Angel wings around your Beautiful Daughter Toni and Bring her lots of Heavenly Hugs!I know our Beautiful Angels are always watching over us!Were sending you lots of hugs Love always and forever your Friend Darla

01-09-2008 6:35 PM -- By: Christi Hausmann,  From: Montana  

Dearest Toni and Bonnie in Heaven,

What beautiful pages you have made here and thank you so very much for the lovely tributes you have made for my mother, me and Wolfie - I thank you and am forever humbled by your kindness and talents shared.

I am sorry I have not been online much but after hearing about all I have missed perhaps it is better that I waited until I felt healthier and stronger to return to the matters at hand, the friendships I have formed and forget all of the other petty stuff that really does not matter in the big picture of our lives.

I appreciate your friendship so much and thank you for your kindness and love of my Mother and sharing yours with us all here at VM.

I look forward to getting even closer in the year ahead and hope we get to finally meet in person and share some long past due hugs of grief and renewal as well as we continue to mourn the special mothers we lost and now precious pet(s) also.

Hugs and kisses always, Christi

01-09-2008 4:47 PM -- By: priscilla ,  From:  

Stopping by to send my love to mmy dear Toni,ihope you are doing ok,and i prayed the bead weather is over,i love you so much,stop by soon ,all my love ,Priscilla

01-09-2008 12:49 AM -- By: Amy,  From: utah  

Dear Toni, My Mom read my mind...lol... I was just getting on here to wish you and your mother Bonnie a wonderful night:o) and to Thank You for lighting a candel in honor of Kristofer. I know he realy appreciates it as much as we do. Have a wonderful night...Talk to ya later~Amy(vmkristofer moore)

01-08-2008 11:19 PM -- By: Brenda Moore,  From: Arkansas  

Dear Toni, Thank you for visiting Kristofer's website made by his older brother Bryan. I hope you are having a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow. You are in my prayers as is your mother Angel Bonnie. Love, Brenda

01-08-2008 10:50 PM -- By: Andi,  From:  

Hi sweeties... I hope you are haveing a good day.. I know the weather is bad... you poor thing... I have family in San Bruno... Hang on honey its almost over... I love you and your Momma so much you are a special special lady.... Love you both bunches.. Andi

01-08-2008 9:53 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

Toni, How Beautiful Darla's Birthday Gift you made for her is. You are a special friend. She is very blessed to have you in her life!!!!! Happy Birthday sweet Darla!!!!

Love You...Tina

01-08-2008 4:29 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

OMG,My Sweet Toni And Angel Bonnie,I went to bed thinking i had saw my Birthday Suprise!When i got up this morning and came to visit with you two very Beautiful Angels I was Over whelmed with the Beautiful Picture of Cathy and Me!Toni I almost Passed out!I cried and Cried,Since Cathy Death I have always wanted a Birthday Picture of us togather!Angie and You And Nana Lynn And Angel Riley And Priscilla have made this the Best Birthday Ever!You all have made me feel sooo loved today And Special,I can never Thank you all enought for all of the Beautiful Gifts and Love you have gave me today!I want to hug you all right now from my Heart to yours!I will forever Treasure this Day!I know my Sister Cathy Loves you all And she has sent you all Heavenly Hugs !Oh how you have all made my Day Special I love you all with all of my Heart!Thank you all for giving to me from your Beautiful Hearts!!Hugs coming your Way !!!Love always and Forever your Friend Darla XOXOXOX I made a special Wish today For all of you!

01-08-2008 10:03 AM -- By: Lynn,  From:  

Giod Morning My Two Beautiful Angels,

Toni I love your front page it is Beautiful.No surprise every page that you do is Beautiful.Mom Bonnie I Love You very much and I know that you are so very proud of your Angel Toni, she is the BEST.I want to Thank you Toni for telling Andi to come and visit Riley because she is a very dear friend to me now. Well I think that my meds are kicking in so I am going to have to take a nap but will visit again later on today. Love you both always and forever. Nana Lynn

01-08-2008 1:13 AM -- By: Darla,  From:  

OMG Sweet Sweet Beautiful Toni And Momma Bonnie,Toni i love you sooo very much sis,You have forever touched my heart sooo deeply!I was sooo suprise and over whelmed with tears!You have made this the best Birthday for me!Sweety you sure did suprise me!Birthdays are always hard for me with out Cathy, Toni all that you have been through !and you are still bringing sooo much love and joy and Happiness to others!This will be a Birthday i will never forget i will always cherish what you did for me,Your Heart is made of Gold and sooo giving,I sure was suprised! Thank you for the Birthday song,Momma Bonnie there is no words I can write to tell you how dear your sweet Beautiful Daughter Toni is to me!She is sooo very Special in every Way!I love you and her very much!The picture is Beautiful!You really Suprised me Sis!Love you bunches and bunches love always and forever your friend Darla

01-08-2008 12:39 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Hi my sweet Toni, and mama bonnie, i love you both so much, ou are so dear to me,i love you ,Goodnight my angels..Priscilla

01-07-2008 11:12 PM -- By: Brenda Moore,  From: Mena, Arkansas  

Dear Toni and Bonnie, While reading what you wrote on my son Kristofer's site I felt a strange connection. After reading about your mother Bonnie I knew what the connection was. My husband's family are from Gridley, CA. His mother, grandmother, and grandfather all passed away at the hospital in Gridley many years ago. The world is really a small place, isn't it! I am so sorry for your loss. Bonnie was a beautiful person both inside and out. She rests in Heaven with our son and brother Kristofer. God only takes the good ones home. I believe they are having the time of their lives. I also lost my mother and father this year. Just ten weeks apart so this year has been especially hard on all of my family. Thank you for everything you've done for us and I will always keep you and your family and most of all Bonnie in my prayers. May God keep you safe and let you feel happiness once again. Love, Brenda/Amy's mother

01-07-2008 11:06 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

Dearest Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Just wanted to come by and visit with you and your Beautiful Angel Momma. Thank God the Holidays are over. To painful to go through. I know that this year was the first Christmas without your Sweet Momma close to you. I cannot even imagine just how painful that must have been for you. But know that she always walks beside you wherever you may go. She will always be your guiding light. Toni, My thoughts and prayers are with you always my dear friend.

Love and many hugs....Tina Mamma to Angel Gino

01-07-2008 9:50 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello My two Beautiful Angels Toni and Bonnie...I wanted To come and bring you lots and lots of Hugs and Love!I wanted to let you know im thinking of you!!We love you Both sooo very Much!You are always in my Prayers and thoughts! Your Mother is sooo Beautiful!Toni we are sooo very Thankful for your Friendship!There will always be a very Special place for you in our Hearts!I Pray you are feeling better Sweety!Your Tribute to your Beautiful Mother is absolutly Beautiful!Tell Shelby hi for us!Toni I know our Angels are always watching over us!I know your Beautiful Mother is sooo very Proud of you!You have forever touched our Hearts !Please always know how dear you are to us!!We love you bunches and Bunches!Love always and forever your Friend Darla XOXOX

01-07-2008 9:16 PM -- By: Amy Chesley,  From: utah  

Dear Toni, You once again made my morning:o) Thank you for that! Youare sooo creative. It's amazing that someting like that can put a smile on my face all day long! I appreciate your kindness throughtout this all. Thank you for your kind words about myself and my husband:o) I think I got my looks from my mom:o)lol... Thank You for using that pic in with it all. You're the best. Your friend, Amy (Vm Kristofer Moore)

01-07-2008 12:08 PM -- By: Angie,  From:  

Hi Toni... Thank you for visiting with us... I really need it right now. I just seem to be going through all the grief again.... just like I did in the beginning! Thank you for being such a great friend. I pray that God grants us all peace! It is great that our angels are in Heaven where there is true peace, no more hurt, no more tears of saddness, no more pain! I know your sweet mom, angel Bonnie is smiling down on you and telling you that she wants you to be happy. I know she is so proud of you and your strength! I am so proud of you and thankful for your friendship! More later... I am not feeling well..

Love ya, Angie

01-07-2008 3:27 AM -- By: Debbie,  From: California  

Found your memorial through a guest book entry of a friend. This is so beautiful! You have out done yourself and I am sure your Mom is smiling that beautiful smile brightly from heaven with such pride. I can feel the love for your Mother in every page, and the pictures are great. I love the idea of a welcome page, made me feel so invited to visit. I pray your journey through grief will be brief and your memories last you a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your Mom with us, and for all the beauty you bring to Virtual Memorials. Debbie

01-07-2008 1:18 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Good evening my dear toni,i hope you are feeling better ,i have been praying for you,i hope the weather is better their ,i love you,thank you for al the love and support you have shown,i love you,Priscilla

01-06-2008 11:54 PM -- By: Amy,  From: Utah  

Dear Toni, Thank You for adding Kristofer's Picture here. I was so excited to see him on here. My mom and I appreciate you so very much. Thanks for your kindness you have shown us. Love, Amy (vm Kristofer moore)

01-06-2008 10:56 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my dear Friend Toni And Beautiful Angel Bonnie!I wanted to come and bring you lots and lots of hugs and Love!I wanted to let you know im thinking of you sweety!You are always in my prayers and thoughts!Our Church service today was sooo beautiful for this first Sunday of the New Year!It seems like last year just went so fast,And here we are in a New Year 2008,Toni i pray for Peace Love Joy And Happiness for us All sweety!I pray your New Year is the best Year ever for you!You have really Made your Beautiful Mother very Proud of you with your Beautiful Tribute to her!I know she is smiling that Beautiful smile of hers down on you from Heaven !I know our Angels are always watching over us !I am soo looking forward to meeting you this year ! I want to tell you in person how much you mean to us!I want to give you the biggest hug ever!I want to share Cathy with you !I know you will feel All of our love for you when we go and see Cathy,I wanted to thank you for all of your love and Kindness for us!We are sooo blessed to have you for a Friend!When you lean on Trusted Friends and their caring hugs enfold you With in there loving arms!Is where they will hold you!!You always Raise me up to walk on Stormy Seas!You raise me up to stand on mountains!You Always up lift our Spirits to the Highest!Where ever you go,What ever you do,May your Guardian Angel Always watch over you!An Angel Can Illuminate the Darkest Path Always remember that!Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life!Angel Bonnie please come tonight and bring your Beautiful Daughter lots of extra Heavenly Hugs!We love you sooo much !God bless you always sweety! Were sending you lots of love and hugs from our Hearts to yours!!Love always and forever your Friend Darla

01-06-2008 10:21 PM -- By: Lynn,  From:  

Wanted to say good night sweet angels but only have a sec. have to go to work and am running late so I Love ya Both and see ya tomorrow. Sweet Dreams Nana Lynn

01-06-2008 1:04 PM -- By: Andi,  From:  

Hi honey, I hope you and Mom are having a good new year.. jus tstoping by to tell you how loved you both are.. Andi

01-06-2008 4:36 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Toni, Yes I do come by all the time to see your pages,for you make so many new things,that I just enjoy coming to look at your mothers beautiful site.You are always changing things and adding things,and I just enjoy coming by to see the lovely work.I am not stalking you.But if you wish for me not to come by anymore,I won't.I am sorry you feel as if I am doing this out of spite.That is not my intentions at all.I have just enjoyed watching you take off with your beautiful pages.As I am always changing things around on moms site and people come by often,and always say that I too am changing things around.I am so sorry you took it the wrong way.You probably won't let this go through.But at least I wanted to tell you this,and what a beautiful job you have done.That is simply all...Rose

01-05-2008 9:38 PM -- By: Jennifer Brush,  From:  

Hello my dear friend Toni! I'd like to wish you and your family a very happy New Year! I just read one of your guestbook entries and it sounds like you had an ice storm. I hope that everyone is doing well .... especially poor Shelby :( I hope that despite the problems you and your family had a good Christmas and New Year's. Stay strong and know that you have SO MANY friends here at VM who love and support you whole-heartedly! Much love to you! Jennifer (mommy of angel Taylor)

01-05-2008 9:16 PM -- By: Lynn,  From:  

Hi My Two Beautiful Angels,

Sorry I didn't get to come by and write last night I did come by and have a short visit but I felt so bad yesterday and still don't feel well but I had to write tonight. Thank you Toni for asking Darla to let me know what was going on and how you were doing. I love You so much even with all that was going on there with you being sick and the bad weather you still wanted to make sure that you got to say good night to Riley. What a PEFECT ANGEL you are. I hope you are feeling better and I am glad that the weather is getting better. I was Praying for you. I Love ya always and forever, NANA LYNN

ps I told Riley you said Good Night and I sent him a Kiss from you and told him to stay by your side and Shelby's side so he could make sure you guys were OK. How is Shelby doing? anyway I Love You Guys

01-05-2008 8:15 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my sweet Beautiful Friend Toni And Beautiful Angel Bonnie,I wanted to come and bring you lots and lots of love and Hugs!I wanted to let you know im thinking of you!We love you Both sooo very much!I loved hearing your Sweet Voice last night!You always bring sooo much Happiness to me!I am glad the Weather has calmed down there in CA,I knew Cathy and Angel Riley and Momma Bonnie and Bill was with you last night Along with all of our Other Beautiful Angels!Please know sweety you are always in my Prayers! Thank you for being such a very Wonderful Friend to us!!Angel Bonnie you sure do have a very Special Daughter!Thank you sooo much for bringing us togather on this long Journey Of Grief!Toni you are such a blessing to us!You have a Heart made of Gold!We love you!Sending you lots of love and Hugs love always and forever your friend Darla

01-05-2008 6:48 PM -- By: Amy,  From: utah  

Dear Toni, Thank You soooo much for putting that on Kristofer's Vm site. My parents just love it. Thank You for being so kind. I have been looking all through you tribute to your mom. I just know she's so proud of what you've done for her, I know we are:o) I'm so glad to have come in contact with you here on Vm... It's friends like yourself who make each day a little more bearable:o) Thank You for your friendship and putting that on for or family and Kristofer, we sure appreciate you. I'll be back to visit often... Love, Amy Chesley (vm kristofer moore)brother


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