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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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02-05-2008 12:18 AM -- By: Darla,  From: Our Beautiful Angels are Always Watching Over Us  

Dear Sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~~ I wanted to come and bring you a very big Hug! I wanted to let you know were thinking of you! You are always in our Prayers and Thoughts! Your Angel Tribute today to Angel Kristofer and his grandparents is sooo Beautiful ,Your Tribute to our little Angels is Beautiful! Thank you for all of these beautiful Tributes to our loved ones! Toni you are such a blessing to us all! You have the most kind and loving Heart! You are a very amazing lady! I can only imagine how proud you have made your Beautiful Mother!  Thank you for always being there to help us all on this long journey of grief! Thank you for your friendship! You mean a lot to us ! I pray you are feeling better! I pray you get a good night sleep tonight ! Angel Bonnie you sure do have a very Special daughter! Please come and visit with her in her dreams and bring her lots of Heavenly Hugs! Thank you Momma Bonnie for the Many hugs you have given my sister!We love you ! Were sending you lots of love and Hugs! Love always and forever your friend Darla

02-04-2008 9:24 PM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi My Beautiful Angels,

I just wanted to come by for a visit and let you both know that I love you very very much. I love you so much Toni and I will never be able to Thank you enough for all you have done for me. You will always have a very very special place in my heart always. Mom Bonnie's site is just so beautiful that it still takes my breath away every time I come here. The anniversary page still gives me goose bumps every single time I go there. I hope you Dad is doing good. I think about him all the time he is just so sweet and adorable.I love your welcome page is is just awesome. Just like you. Now about all these health issues I had a talk with Riley about that today and things have to start getting better for you so Riley is on top of that now. I hopw you are feeling better and I know you so I will just go ahead and tell you GET SOME REST!!!!!!! LOL yes I know you so don't  think that you fool me you are always doing something so REST!!!!!

I love you both always and forever , Nana Lynn


02-04-2008 9:12 PM -- By: brenda,  From: arkansas  

Dear Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Thank you so much for putting Kristofer on your site again. And a very special thank you for also putting his grandparents on with him. I hope they are all together in heaven and having a wonderful time. My dad passed away a year ago today so seeing his picture on your page really helped me alot. It's people like you that make the world a better place to live. I hope you are doing okay and that your ankle is healing okay. Love to you and your mother Bonnie.

Love, Brenda (VM Kristofer Moore)

02-04-2008 2:34 PM -- By: Andrea-Ryans Momma,  From:  

Dear Bonnie and Toni. I'm sorry I haven't been by for a few days. Saturday was the second day of the month and those are really hard days for me. It has been 9 months and 2 days since my Ryan went to HEAVEN. I just want him back!!! I am catching up on weekend laundry today and cleaning house. I really don't mind as it helps to pass another lonely day away. Sweet Bonnie...will you please give my Son a hug and a kiss for me and tell him how much his Momma loves and misses him. Thank You. Hugs and kisses to you and your wonderful Toni. XOXOXOXO!!!!

02-04-2008 2:23 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

I love you Toni and mama Bonnie,stop by soon.Priscilla

02-04-2008 9:58 AM -- By: Amy,  From: utah  

Dear Toni,

  I truly love what you've done for not only Kris but my grandparents.  Especially today of all days...It's been one year today...since my grandpa passed away.  I'm sure this will bring some comfort to my mom today.  Thank You for thinking of us...We appreciate you so much...

Love Always~Amy

02-04-2008 9:40 AM -- By: Barb,  From: My hearat is with you  

Good Morning Toni and Angel Bonnie, I was here to see Todays special angels and to check on you Toni, I hope you are feeling much better today. I hope you both know how much you mean to me, and that I treasure you and appreciate you being here for me and so many others. Huge hugs this morning. Love Barb

02-04-2008 3:56 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Goodnight sweet Toni, i love you and your mama,im thinking of you and praying for you,much love forever,Priscilla


02-03-2008 11:40 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always in our hearts  

Dear Sweet Toni And Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ I wanted to come and let you know were thinking of you ! You are always in our Prayers and thoughts! I wanted to bring you lots of hugs ! I love your Beautiful Tribute to Angel Gino ~~ The Picture is sooo beautiful And I saw the beautiful Tribute to our Beautiful  Little Angels! Thank you for all of the Beautiful Tributes that you do for all of our loved ones! God bless your Beautiful Heart! You have made your Beautiful Mother sooo very proud of you ! I can only imagine how her Beautiful smile is lighting up Heaven! Toni you are sooo dear to us and we love you sooo very much! Thank you for all of your love and support for us! We will forever treasure your friendship! Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Mother with us! Angel Bonnie please wrap your Beautiful angel wings around your Beautiful Daughter And send her lots of Heavenly Hugs! Were sending you lots of love and Hugs and Prayers! Love always and forever your Friend Darla

02-03-2008 11:26 PM -- By: Amy,  From: ut  

Thank You so much for your encouraging words.  They always seem to help, esp. since these past few weeks have been really hard.  I hope it all ends soon...I really hate all this sadness.  Coming onto your mom's site really brings a smile to my face...I just love what you've done on here, I know she's so proud.  I truly hope Bonnie's watching over Kristofer.  I hope your feeling better these days.  I'll check back later...Love ya~Amy

02-03-2008 6:31 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Good evening my dear Toni,i hope you are feeling better,always know im here for you,you are forever in my heart,stop by soon,Priscilla

02-03-2008 3:32 PM -- By: Barb,  From: My heart is with you  

Toni and angel Bonnie, hugs to you this afternoon, am thinking of you both, Toni again another amazing tribute to our angels on your mom's welcome page, You touch so many hearts, I am sure that keeps that smile on Angel Bonnie's face she must be so very proud of you..I know I am very proud to know you and to call you friend...I love you both..Barb

02-03-2008 10:39 AM -- By: Tina,  From:  

My Dearest Toni ans Beautiful Angel Bonnie,

I am so thankful for your beautiful friendship and for being so caring with all the special things you do for all of us here at VM. I just don't know how to thank you . I cried so much this morning when I came to your Beautiful Mama's Memorial and saw this beautiful tribute for my Angel Gino. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my sweet friend Toni. May your Beautiful Mama Bonnie be always at your side through this life and comfort you through rough times. With all my love.......Tina, Mamma to Beautiful Angel, Gino.

02-03-2008 1:18 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Goodnight my sweet Toni,i hope you are doing ok,i have not heard from anyone today,i love you.cilla

02-03-2008 12:18 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  


Hi My angels,

Just wanted to come by and say Good Night and I will come and visit tomorrow and that I love you both very much. But man got to the front door and wham you did it to me again now the tears are flowing. What a beautiful tribute to all our babies and I already told you that I love the one for Christopher. You are so special Toni. I Love you always and forever and You too Mom Bonnie. I know you are so so proud of your girl. Everyone in Heaven is probably having to wear sunglasses cause of you beaming with proudness for Toni. LOL.......She is awesome isn't she? Love always and forever, Nana Lynn


Toni I Love it I Love it I Love it. It is just perfect!!!!!!!

02-02-2008 11:29 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Sweet dreams Toni and Angel Bonnie... Bonnie please give my angel a Big hug for me.. Toni, thank you so much for making my baby angel of the day... That means the world to me and you are so sweet.... You are forever in my heart and always in my prayers... Andi

02-02-2008 11:24 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hello Toni and mama Bonnie,i love you so much,i hope you are doing ok,you are always in my thoughts and prayers,i will always be so greatful for our friendship,i love you,stop by soon.Priscilla

02-02-2008 11:13 PM -- By: Barb,  From: My heart is with you  

Toni and angel Bonnie..was just once again reading through your pages..and sharing some tears with you as well. I was reading about your mom being your hero..and right now I just got to say that you are mine Toni..thanks..

love you Barb

02-02-2008 1:28 PM -- By: Margie,  From: Pa  

Hi Toni & Mother Bonnie,

I don't know what words to say.I'am so very honored to have my lil Dennis on your front page. Your memorial to our family is beautiful. Tonie thank you  with all my heart. My daughter sends you the biggest hugs & she says her lil man is sending you angel hugs for making her and him a part of your Mothers memorial. We are so very thankful to be a part of your Mother's angel dash.

God Bless you,

Margie       A candel to let you know we think of you & your  Angel Mother  Bonnie all the time.

02-02-2008 12:11 PM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Good Monring Beautiful Angels,

I just Love the tribute to Christopher and the song it perfect because he was and is a Hero to so so many. I know Andi will Love it. Your are truly an angel. I just got up and 11:40 my time so I need coffee and maybe then my brain will start up. I will visit later. Love ya both always and forever,

Nana Lynn

02-02-2008 11:12 AM -- By: Barb,  From: Ohio  

Morning Toni and angel Bonnie, just checking out todays Angels and wanted to stop by and thank my own angels..both of you..for being in my life and assuring me that I am not on this journey alone, and for answering my pleas for assistance..I can see you Bonnie and my mom sitting there watching us, with smiles on your faces as we here on earth become closer and more valuable to one another. I love you both. Barb

02-02-2008 9:13 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Angel Bonnie and Toni,

Thank you so very much for making Christopher the Angel of the day... Wow.. It means so very much to me.. I hope you are feeling better...I am so sorry to hear about your tooth.. I think that is the worst physical pain.. mouth pain.. You take it easy and feel better soon... We love you.... you will be in my thoughts and prayers as always.. All my love to you sweetie...


02-02-2008 3:40 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Goodnightmy dearest Toni and mama bonnie,i will love you forever,Cilla

02-01-2008 11:59 PM -- By: Christi Hausmann,  From: My heart to yours  

Dear Angel Bonnie, Please wrap your loving angel wings around your special Toni today and always - she needs your touch and love more than ever.  Thank you and could you give my Mama a kiss from me and keep a hug for yourself as the date of her Angelic return to Heaven is soon upon us?  Thanks again.  I cannot help to think that less than 6 days from today, we brought my Mom back home from her many months at the hospital, in and out of ICU, on 4 floors of this huge Medical Center - her wish was to come home and die in her bed.  I could not fulfill her wish in that she could not come home to her own bed as her pain was too great and her body too weak to lay on a regular bed, so I had a special Hospital bed brought into our home with deep cushioned mattress and all sorts of level adjustments - gosh Mom, I will neer forget how happy, even in spite of your struggles and horrific pain you were to finally be out of that "hell hole" as you called it - no more needles, no more tubes - just you and us, until you had to be connected to more machines in your own private room at home.  I tried everything (as Dad, Roy and Michele and Patrick did) to make you feel comfort - I burned candles, turned down lights, turned on your favorite Christian music and sigh... I know it all masked your terrible pain - but throughout it all, you were so strong, so brave and so steadfast in your faith. 

As Bonnie and Toni read this entry this evening, please thank them for being so sweet to me and so gracious with sharing your beautiful life with me.  Please thank Toni for the lovely Welcome Page tribute to my Beautiful Mother and for all the emails, cards and entries into her guestbook - they have helped immensely over my personal journey of grief.  I hope mine have brought you some solace also.

May God bless you both in Heaven, Mama Maria and Mama Bonnie - we love you and miss you like crazy but know you are in a better, more peaceful place.



02-01-2008 9:00 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Our Angels Are Always Watching Over Us  


Hello Sweet Toni And Angel Bonnie..... I wanted to come and bring you lots of love and Hugs! I wanted to let you know were thinking of you! I love the Beautiful Picture of Barb's Niece  Angel Jenet,Sooo Beautiful! The Picture of little Angel Dennis is very Beautiful!Thank you for these beautiful Tributes ! Toni you have such a very Beautiful Heart! Thank you for all you do for us!Toni you have forever touched our Hearts with your kindness and love! You are an Amazing lady! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! You are always in my thoughts and Prayers! Angel Bonnie please come and visit with your Beautiful daughter in her dreams and give her lots of Heavenly Hugs!Toni you sure have made your mother sooo very proud of you!She is smiling that Beautiful smile of hers down on you from Heaven!Toni keep being the Beautiful person that you are and always let your Beautiful mothers spirit guide you! Were sending you lots of love and Hugs your way! We love you ! Love always and forever your friend Darla

02-01-2008 4:18 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hi my sweet Toni,i hope you have a good day,i love you so much.Cilla

02-01-2008 3:45 PM -- By: debra lowers,  From:  

Hi my name is Debi my mom was Barb Romanish and my sister if Barb Lanni. She told me about your site. It is wonderful. What a way to show respect and love for our mothers I just wanted to let  you knowthat I was  on the site  Debi Lowers

02-01-2008 11:42 AM -- By: Barb,  From: Ohio  

My precious Toni and angel Bonnie, I can barely see through these tears at this moment, the site of Jenet and my brother and the baby is so absolutely beautiful and amazing...I feel so blessed to have the two of you in my life. I hope its ok If if put that pic on Jents page Toni, I also think that is the one that I will put on a pillow for my brother and myself. Thank you so very much Toni, Angle Bonnie send her special hugs today for being such an amazing person, Love you Barb

02-01-2008 8:52 AM -- By: Andi,  From:  

Hi sweeties, Toni I hope you are feeling better.. I have been thinking of you and your Momma.. I have been very sick and Thought of you.. I know you haven't felt well and then you broke your ancle... I love you Toni.. Everyone here has been so kind to me and shown me and my sweet Chrisotpher so much love and support...I just wanted to say thank you.... You mean so much to me.. I hope you have a nice Friday... All my love and Hugs to you... Andi

02-01-2008 8:24 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi My Sweet Angels,

I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to come by before work last night. I finally slept some yesterday and woke up late. I was having to rush to get ready so I wouldn't be late. I hope you are feeling better Toni . I Love today;s welcome page it is Beautiful as always. You are such an ANGEL. I Love you both very much and I will talk to you later. Love always and forever, Nana Lynn



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