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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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05-12-2008 10:34 PM -- By: cheryl,  From:  

Toni, Thank you so much for visiting on mothers day! All that you were going through and you still reached out! You amaze me daily!!! Thank you! I hope your day had some smiles in it! Im sure you have such loving memories but for me sometimes that makes it harder! I know that those days are so far away from the present! I just miss my mommy so much! Thank you for your love and support!  With love cheryl

05-12-2008 9:26 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~We wanted to come and bring you lots of love and hugs.We wanted to let you know we're thinking of you.You are in our thoughts and prayers.We luv you so very much.I luv your beautiful Angel tributes for today.theyare beautiful.Thank you for all the love you give to us all.You have forever touched our hearts. Angel Bonnie please watch over your beautiful daughter and family and surround them with lots of love. Sending you love and hugs.   Love always......Darla


05-12-2008 7:47 PM -- By: nancy,  From: illinois  

Toni, hello. It was so nice to hear from you.I pray you had a blessed Mother's day. And I'm sure your mother was watching from above and sending you lots love.I'm sure she had a wonderful day in heaven!

I will be watching for Mike tomorrow on your site. I'm sending lots of love your way. I'm sure Mother's day was hard for you. Being without your mother that day has to be hard.

I'm doing fine. Next month Mike will be gone 3 years, and it just seems like yesterday. Although it seems like forever since I heard his voice. I'm sure you know the heartache of missing someone so much it physically hurts you.

I now have a very deep feeling of "if my life was to be over tomorrow, I think I'm ready. " I don't mean I would do anything stupid, But I feel a real big part of my life is gone. Therefore, I don't feel the happiness I once knew. So therefore, I know there is something better on the other side.

Take care, and I hope you are doing well.

Love, Nancy Conger

05-12-2008 4:03 PM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

They whom we love and lose

are no longer where they were before.

They are now...

wherever we are.

05-12-2008 4:02 PM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

Dearest Toni...Thank you for all you do. I continue to pray for Shelby and your entire family. I hope you had a peaceful day yesterday. Sending hugs and love your way xoxo

05-12-2008 3:29 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sending my love today and always ,gentle hugs Cilla

05-12-2008 1:53 PM -- By: Jessica,  From: Ohio  


You work so hard and your site is just beautiful. You make each of us feel so special and our loved ones never forgotton. I just wanted to let you know that I see all the things you do on your site for your mother and others and it touchs my heart deeply. Thanks for being such a caring, thoughtful person in such a cold world.

05-12-2008 11:42 AM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dear Angel Bonnie and Toni,

I thank you so much for leaving that special message on Kristy's memorial last night. Yesterday was tough but I was able to stay strong for my other children. I prayed to Kristy on Saturday, the day before mothers day and asked her to help me with mother's day. Yesterday, I felt such a sense of peace in my heart. I knew she was helping me with the day. This morning is tough though and I am trying to keep myself busy. I send you both all my love. Toni, thank you for praying for me in Church. I pray for you everyday too. May God bless your special and caring heart. You do so much for all of us and I thank God everyday for sending you to me. With love, Kristy's mom, Karen

05-11-2008 11:44 PM -- By: Amy,  From:  

Hi Toni

 Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you had a wonderful day...you sure deserve it!  Thanks for watching us on the show... that mean't so much to all of us!  You guys are like family to us!  We just love ya~Amy & Brenda

05-11-2008 10:33 PM -- By: Andrea-Ryans Momma,  From:  


05-11-2008 10:23 PM -- By: Cesca,  From: California  

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYangel Bonnie, sending you hugs and prayers!

Dear Toni, I wish you also a truly blessed Mother's Day. I hope happy memories will come to mind as you celebrate this day.

Love & Hugs, ~~~Cesca~~~

05-11-2008 9:40 PM -- By: Jennifer,  From: Niagara falls  

Dear Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Happy Mother's day to you both. A whole day to remember our mothers. Lots of memeories today.I sure miss my mom alot as I'm sure u do too. Today was really hard on Cheryl. She spent most of today with our mommy. I'm happy she found this site. We work on it together, sharing our ideas and thoughts on how to make it better. It helps her get though some days. She is so sad and  i try to help her but nothing can make us better. I love my sister alot and its hard to see her so sad all the time. It's nice to get smiles when we bring  up stuff about our mommy. It only lasts a second but it helps. I sometimes feel like our family is falling apart. My mom was the glue and always made everyone see the good in them even if they had flaws.Sorry to say so much , i see Cheryl has found so much comfort here. Hope you have a good day and thanks for remebering our mom today. My prayers our with you and your family today.

05-11-2008 9:29 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Toni and Beautiful Bonnie,

I am so touched and want to give you the biggest hug. Thank you for remembering Cody on his birthday and for the awesome message you left on Bonnie's site for Cody. Woth your permission I want to add the "card" to Cody's page. You are so generous and loving and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you Toni, you are truly a special lady.


Alicia and Cody

05-11-2008 8:32 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest sweet Toni and beautiful Angel Bonnie~~We wanted to come and bring you lots of love and hugs.We wanted to let you know we're thinking of you.You are in our thoughts and prayers.We luv you so very much.We wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day,Our hearts are with you today and every day.Angel Bonnie please watch over your beautiful daughter and family and surround them with lots of love.Words cannot express what you mean to us.There will  always be a very special place for you in our hearts.Toni you have forever touched our hearts forever.Thank you for all the love you give to us all.I luv your beautiful Angel Tributes for  today they are so beautiful.Your Welcome Page is absolutly gorgeous. Thank  you for the very beautiful Mother's Day Tribute that you have made for us all.God bless your beautiful Heart. Toni I can only imagine how your beautiful mother is smiling that beautiful smile of hers down on you from Heaven. Angel Bonnie we are sending you and all of our beautiful Angels lots of hugs to Heaven.Toni we are sending you all of our love and hugs from our hearts to yours.Happy Mother's Day .....Love always Darla xoxoxoxo 


05-11-2008 3:57 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Toni Happy mothers Day,i haeve had you on my mind a lot today,always know i love you,and your mama,i know she is beaming from heaven today,give my love to Shelby too,i love you,and stop by soon,i added you and your mama to my mothers day page,love Cilla xoxoo

05-11-2008 1:55 PM -- By: Susan Prado-Garcia,  From: Houston TX  

Dearest Toni and Angel Bonnie,

So many things to say, where to I begin?  Perhaps with a belated Happy Birthday to you dear Toni!  I hope you enjoyed the day, and that Angel Bonnie smiled upon you!  I am grateful for the kindness you've shown to our Angel Erik since meeting him.  I feel he's never far away from your thoughts and that you know him well. I feel he means enough to you to kindly introduce/reintroduce him so many times to so many people here on VM.  I am grateful for the help we've received from you in sharing/preserving his beautiful life, memories! 

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and know that you and your beautiful mother are always in my prayers.  No matter how much time passes, this journey is still so sad, sorrowful!  But I find strength and comfort with each kindness shown to me.  Thanks for being a great person, Angel Bonnie must be proud!

Peace to you and Angel Bonnie on this Mother's Day!

05-11-2008 11:27 AM -- By: shelby ,  From:  

grandma happy mothers day i miss you lots im gonna see if i can release some ballons for you i love you till the day i die and afterwards

05-11-2008 11:14 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi My Loves,

Just wanted to come and tell you both how much I love you and to wish you both a Happy Happy Mothers Day!! I know that Mom Bonnie is sending all her Love to you today as she does every day and I hope that you have Beautfiul memories today that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Love you both so very much. Always and Forever, Nana Lynn and Boogie Boo


05-11-2008 9:34 AM -- By: Carmella,  From:  

Dear Toni,  Well here we are another Tough day for so many of us here on VM.  But you Toni, you make  every day especially this one a little easier to handle.  Thank you for all that you do.  What a tremendous heart you have.  I so wish I had the time to make my Mom's tribute as beautiful as your Mom's.   It is like a tranquil garden of Love to visit.  Have a Happy Mother's Day Toni and Thank you so much. 

Love, Carmella

05-11-2008 2:59 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Happy Mothers Day Toni,i love you and your mama so much, please stop by my mothers day page i added you and your mama, i love you soooo much..Cilla

05-11-2008 12:27 AM -- By: Annie,  From: My Parents Love: NY  

Dear Toni,

Hoping you a have a little peace in your heart today. As I will know it will be a hard day for all of us whom have lost our mommy and the mommys whom have lost a lovie. God be with all of us today and know my VM friends you mean the world to me and thank you for all of your support since I made my mom's memorial.

Thank you especially for always checking in-Be Well and I am still praying for your family.

05-11-2008 12:19 AM -- By: Tina,  From: Forever in my Heart  

To My Sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Mama Bonnie,

Sweet Toni, I cannot find the right words to say "Thank You" for all that you do for me and for so many of us here at VM. You are my "ROCK". I Love You so much. I wanted to wish you Happy Mother's Day my precious Friend. Sweet Angel Bonnie, please come visit your amazing Daughter Toni in her dreams tonight to tell her that you will always love her and that she is the most special daughter that any mother could wish for. Toni, your precious Angel Mom will be with you in Spirit tomorrow, and always. All my Love to you my Special Friend. I Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart.

Love Always.....Tina, Mamma to Angel Gino


05-10-2008 5:17 PM -- By: Yvette,  From:  

Hi Toni,

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

I can't begin to thank you enough for the beautiful Mother's Day tribute.  You did a wonderful job and I know you spend so much time working on it.  I love what you did with my mom's tribute.  You have such a big heart.  And I know that our mom's all love you for it.  I know that they are all up there with Angel Bonnie and telling her what a wonderful woman she raised.

Again, thank you Toni and you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  Love, Yvette



05-10-2008 4:11 PM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dear Toni and angel mom Bonnie,

I want you to know that I will be thinking of you both on Mother's day. I know it's going to be hard on you, as it will be on me. Also Toni, Happy Birthday! I send you my love today and tomorrow as always. God bless you both. Karen

05-10-2008 1:19 PM -- By: cheryl stevens,  From: niagara falls  


Happy Birthday! Im sure you must be going through so much this weedend! My sisters birthday is the day after tomorrow so she probaly understand so much more! But I just want to let you know how I see this weekend for you and her! You not only get to celebrate having your mother you also get to celebrate the day she brought you in this world!!! To share those to days is wonderful! Enjoy your day and know you are in my thoughts and heart!!! With so much love!!!         Love Cheryl

05-10-2008 7:57 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi Beautiful Angels,

I wanted to stop in and tell you both how much I Love you !!!!!!! MOM Bonnie stay close to Toni today and send her lots of signs that you are right by her side today!!!~Toni Happy Birthday to YOU Happy Birthday to YOU Happy Birthday Precious TONI Happy Birthday to YOU I hope that you have the greatest Birthday possible and know that you are in my Heart always. I wish we lived closer so I could give you a big hug and kiss in person but I know that Riley will be giving them to you all day for me!!!!!I Love you so very much and always will. Love always and forever Nana Lynn


05-10-2008 4:45 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

thinking of you, dearest bonnie... hi toni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU you are both in my thoughts, have a wonderful weekend! love and friendship alwayz, renee, maria and skye! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0


05-10-2008 3:18 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sending Birthday Hugs to my sweet friend Toni,i love you soo much Warmest hugs Cilla

05-10-2008 12:39 AM -- By: Darla,  From: Happy Birthday  

Happy Birthday To you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear Toni Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a very wonderful Birthday  ,Always know we all luv you so very much. Mike said to tell you Happy Birthday. I wished we lived closer so I could take you out to eat and suprise you and have them all sing happy Birthday to you.I sure would get you good ,They would think  they had another Elvis,Hee Hee now I have to pick some it's your Birthday. Momma Bonnie please stay close to your beautiful daughter and send her signs that your with her today. We luv you dearly .Sending you lots of big Birthday Hugs .Love always......Darla xoxoxoxo

05-10-2008 12:17 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Arkansas  

Dear Toni,

Thank you for honoring Kristofer on your mothers beautiful site. You are truly a wonderful person always putting others before yourself. Once again thank you .

Love, Brenda


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