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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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06-11-2008 10:48 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest  Sweet Toni and beautiful Angel Bonnie~~We wanted to come and let you know we're thinking of you.You are in our thoughts and prayers.We wanted to bring you lots of love and hugs from our hearts to yours.We luv you so very much.Words cannot express what you mean to us.Toni I wanted to thank you from all of our hearts for all of your love and support for us.Thank you for always being there for us all.You have a very beautiful heart made of gold. Thank you for all the love you give to us all. you have forever touched our hearts. Thank you so much for letting every one know about my brother Ronnie.  I miss him so much. I keep thinking the phone is going to ring and it will be him. Angel Bonnie please watch over your beautiful daughter and family.I know you are right be side Shelby tonight  through her graduation,Let her feel your Angel Kisses.Shelby we luv you and we are so proud of you. We're sending you all of our love and hugs.Love always.....Darla 


06-11-2008 10:19 PM -- By: Andrea-Ryans Momma,  From:  



06-11-2008 8:23 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Just wanted to stop by and wish Shelby a HAPPY GRADUATION!!! How did the flowers turn out? Toni, I hope you are going to share some pictures.... Looking forward to hearing how today went1 Sending angel (((hugs))) your way... MMMMWWAAHHH!


Christy and Angel Tricey Pruitt

06-11-2008 5:10 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

just thinking of you and toni today... hoping all is well! sending you both all my love and keep cool today, it is a hot one! x0x0x0x0x0x0  hugz to heaven and to cali! hi toni, stop by soon, missing you!


06-11-2008 2:49 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Good afternoon my dear Toni,i love you so much,and want you to know im always here for you ,thank you for all that you do ,for me and others,May God bless your caring heart,i hope shelby has a nice graduation,i can't wait too see the pics,i love you, and always know I stand behind you my friend forever,love Cilla

06-11-2008 2:01 PM -- By: Cesca,  From: California  

Hi Beautiful Angel Bonnie, sending you hugs and prayers; as always you are in my heart!

Hello Toni, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your house LOL, hopefully everything is back to order!

Love & Hugs, Cesca

06-11-2008 10:51 AM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

Dearest Toni & angel Bonnie...Thinking of you and wanted to let you know you are in my heart. Thinking of your sweet Shelby on her graduation day. Love and hugs to you xoxo

06-11-2008 2:25 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sweet Toni ,i love you so very much,i hope you had a nice day, you are the best toni,always their to makes our days brighter,i love you always Cilla

06-11-2008 1:35 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

You Earth Angel you! You stinker! LOL!!! You didn't tell me you where making Latrisha todays special angel.... I tell you Angel Bonnie your baby girl is MODEST! What a virtue!Toni, doll thank you soo much- you are just so special to me and my family... If it wasn't for you and a few other close nit friends I have met here I just don't know what I would have done... You make a unbearable situation easier to cope with... My husband wants you to know how this has just touched his soul...( and you know how men are about their emotions!) I know you are as busy as I am- but just to update you I added a page to her site called the butterfly effect (that is the name of her non-profit orginazation) with details on what all we are doing... I will be adding lots more to it over the next few weeks as things really begin to shape up. I am also doing a talk show on Junee 22nd to talk about domestic violence. Anything to make a difference! Well once again I know you are up late taking care of everyone except yourself- (and how are the flowers coming?  ) Angel Bonnie, I think you need to set your little darlin' and tell her Earth angels need rest too! Sending angel (((hugs))) and prayers your way....

All our Love,

Christy and Angel Tricey Pruitt

06-10-2008 5:06 PM -- By: christina,  From:  

thanks toni again for putting richelle on. god bless and take care

06-10-2008 7:29 AM -- By: Barb,  From: My Heart is with you  

Toni and Angel Bonnie, I just wanted to stop in and share some hugs and prayers and let you know I am thinking of you..and that I missed you and the others here at VM while I was away...We did quite a few things that I know Mom would of enjoyed while on the trip..but I missed her physical presence so very much..guess that song on your welcome page pretty much said it all for me today and while I was away.. I still feel as though I am broken....and that it is a daily battle to put all the pieces of me back together....but at the same time it was good to have that time with my sisters and to share fond memories and do some of the things that Mom would of enjoyed..she would of loved the trip.. of that I am sure.. My heart is with you Toni today and always.. Angel Bonnie, keep that amazing daughter of yours wrapped in your angel wings and held tightly, she does so much for so many....and always takes the time to make sure that others are taken care of...so I need to make sure that she too feels the same love and respect that she gives to others. Love Barb daughter to Barbara Romanish

06-10-2008 2:05 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Sweet dreams Toni ,i hope you had a nice day and that shelby's graduation goes great,always know i love you,stop by soon.Cilla

06-09-2008 11:36 PM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dear Toni and angel mom Bonnie,

It's very late tonight but I have been thinking of you Toni and your mom tonight.

Toni, thank you so much for all of your very loving, caring words of comfort you wrote the other day on Kristy's site. I wanted to respond sooner, but the days are just so hard right now and I am hardly on the site. Tonight I just had to come on the site to thank you for all of your love you send me. You are a special friend and I'll always remember all the love you give to all of us. Thank you so much dear friend and I will try to visit your moms site more often. I send you my love tonight. May God bless you always. With love, Kristy's mom, Karen

06-09-2008 10:40 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sweet Toni and beautiful Angel Bonnie~~We wanted to come and let you know we luv you so very much.I wanted to thank you for helping us through the death of my brother.We had Ronnie's services today. I am so lost with out him.Im so lonely.I miss hearing his voice every day on the phone. I know Ronnie is in no more pain and he is Free. Angel Bonnie Please let my brother know im ok,And will you and Cathy and our beautiful Angel's show him around  and please watch over him for me. Toni i don't know how we can ever thank you enough for all the love you give to us all.I luv my VM Family with all my heart.I will be adding Ronnie to VM shortly. My family made the trip here safely and they are home tonight safely. Thank you all for all of your love and support and prayers for us.  Toni thank you with all my heart for the beautiful picture of Cathy and Ronnie togather forever.You have forever touched my Heart.We luv you.There will always be a very special place for you all in our hearts.Thank you for calling last week and this week to check on us.This is so hard for me and my family.I have missed you all so very much. May God always bless you. Sending you all of my love from my heart to yours.Love always.....Darla


06-09-2008 3:33 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Stopping by this afternoon to send many hugs and kisses  two my special ladies Toni and mama bonnie,i love you forever ,Cilla

06-09-2008 2:14 AM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

Toni...Thank you so much for the birthday tribute you did for Gram. It was beautiful. You really touched my heart. You do so much for everyone and our angels. Thank you Toni. Today was a hard day. I felt so lost not being able to have a party for Gram. My heart is so heavy and I cannot believe that this gets easier. It only seems to get harder. I  bet Shelby is getting excited for her graduation. Hugs and love to you xoxo


06-08-2008 9:01 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Toni and Angel Bonnie,

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and always in my heart. Your mom's site looks so beautiful and is a work of great creativity and love.

You are so special to me and I love you so much


06-08-2008 1:21 PM -- By: Cesca,  From: California  

Hi Beautiful Angel Bonnie, sending you hugs and prayers as always....

Hello Toni, dearest of friends, I saw you a lot today as I was doing my rounds...LOL, so I'm assuming your bugs and workers are gone, and everything back to normal, YES??? I listened to your advise and try to defragment my drives as often as I can...well today I could make some visits, thanks to you and God!

Keeping you always in my heart, hugs, Cesca

06-08-2008 11:59 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi Beautiful Angels,

Just wanted to stop by for a visit and say Hello and that I love you both so very much. Mom Bonnie, I know that you are so proud of Toni for all she does and all the people that she helps here.  She is truly an Angel!!!!!

Toni I love the Fathers Day tribute of my Dad It is just totally PERFECT!!!!! I Love IT!!!!!! I Love ya girl with all my heart. Hope you have a great day!!!! Love always and forever, Nana Lynn


06-08-2008 11:51 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Hi Toni! thank you SOOOO Much for featruing Maya as a special little angel today. I am so grateful for you and all of my VM freinds who remember Maya with me. I KNOW yur mom is SOOOO proud of you!

Angel Bonnie, I hope that you are able to watch over my baby for me until I am with her again.



06-08-2008 10:54 AM -- By: Sonya,  From: Missouri  

Good morning Toni,

Just stopped by to say hello and let you know you guys are in my thoughts.Please take care. Talk to you soon

Sonya (Johnathan's Nene)

06-08-2008 2:50 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

thinking of you and toni with love... i wish you both a beautiful sunday! sorry i haven't been on vm lately, just having some bad days, missing my mom and baby skye so much... thank you for all that you do, toni! love you both... x0x0x0x0x0x0


06-07-2008 11:34 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Toni and Angel Mom,

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a good night and to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers and ALWAYS in my heart.



06-07-2008 6:20 PM -- By: Susan Prado-Garcia,  From: Houston TX  

Dearest Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Thought I'd drop by to once again offer my thanks for your kindness and friendship on VM.  It's been a while since my last visit, but the people I've met here have been a source of sweet comfort which I find sustains me even while I am away.  I appreciate all you do to honor with us Angel Erik's beautiful life.

Angel Bonnie, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  Watch over us while you are away, and my nephew Erik.  I know by now you've come to know the beauty of his soul that we so desperately miss!  Love and care for him in Heaven while he's away from us. 

Love and Peace to you both!

06-07-2008 1:12 PM -- By: Jessica,  From: Ohio  

Hey Toni what's happening?

I am just stopping by to send you a big hug and let you know that I am thinking of you. I hope you are doing well. You are in my prayers sweet Toni, Have a peaceful day.

06-07-2008 4:17 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Goodnight my sweet Toni ,i love you with all my heart,have a nice day tomorrow,and always know you are forever in my heart, Mama Bonnie stay close to your  sweet daughter ,she means so much to me,love always .Cilla

06-07-2008 12:53 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Stopping by to send my love and hugs to my two favorite ladies,gentle hugs Cilla

06-06-2008 2:31 PM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

Toni...You are amazing & continue to touch hearts. What a beautiful tribute you made for Cathy & Ronnie. Please tell Shelby congrats on her graduation. Much love and prayers to you xoxo


06-06-2008 12:51 PM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dear Toni and angel mom Bonnie,

I was so touched today, as I looked at your moms memorial. Your tribute to Darla's brother Ronnie and her angel sister Cathy is so beautiful. I have not been on the site to much lately, but I think of you all every day.

I added a section about my dad on Kristy's site. I know father's day is coming and it is still hard on me, even 29 years later.

This year will be especially hard on Kristy's dad Gary. You see, Kristy's scheduled surgery was the very next day, after father's day of last year. He has been having some very hard days. I saw your beautiful father's day tribute page today and I was so touched to see Kristy's picture there. Thank you so much Toni. I know it will be very hard on her dad.

Today is June 6. This is the day when Kristy saw the specialist for the first time. There are so many memories for today. This is also the day that she wrote about in a letter to our friends of when we went out to eat and a little girl kept tapping her on her shoulder. This letter is on Kristy's vm site. This is the day that was a very bad day, but in the end, we were able to laugh a little bit, as the little girl pulled up her shirt to show Kristy her belly button.

I have not been on the site too much. It is so hard right now, as all these memories of Kristy and her illness and suffering flood my mind every minute. Please continue to pray for me and my family, as we face these upcoming days.

Thank you so much again for the beautiful Father's day tribute of Kristy. It will be hard on me too, as I remember that day so clearly last year. Just one day before her surgery.

I send you my love today Toni. May God bless you always! With love, Kristy's mom, Karen 

06-06-2008 2:34 AM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Angel Bonnie and Toni,

I was just reading your Angel Signs page and I love it! You've done such a beautiful job!




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