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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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07-05-2008 12:19 PM -- By: Barb,  From: My Heart is with you  

Morning Toni, and Angel Bonnie, stopping in with hugs and prayers for you this morning and to thank you for Moms beautiful tribute on your welcome page this morning...What I would do to see that smiling face once more.....Angel Bonnie keep that girl of yours wrapped tightly in your Angel wings...she means so much to so many. Toni I apologize for unloading my stuff on you.. My Heart is with you today and always. Love Barb daughter to Barbara Romanish

07-05-2008 10:59 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Hello Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Stopping in to say Hi and let you know that I am thinking of you both today. Hope that you had a happy and safe 4th of July.



07-05-2008 10:49 AM -- By: Angie,  From: Ky  


Thanks so much for everything.  I saw where you had sent Ronnie and message and said that you hadn't heard from me, I am sorry.  I have been really sick here lately. Having a mild heart attack at 28 has been hard on me.  I am in shock a little still and the new medicine is taking its toll.  It makes me feel weak and tired all the time.  But I did want to thank you for checking on me and for all you do.  I love and appreciate you so much!!  You truely have helped our family in so many ways.  Just your love alone, is so amazing!  WIthout Great friends, I don't know how we would all continue through each day.  Grief is so hard and when I went to the doctor, he told me that all these years of stress and grief is what lead to my heart attack.  He told me I have to find a way to handle the stress better or that next time, it may be a really bad one that I may not recover from.  I don't know how to do that though.  How do you just stop missing someone or how do you go on with life like nothing ever happened.  Something did happen and it hurts.  I try to be strong and smile and just go on living, but my doctor said, I am holding it all in, and even though I feel  okay, my heart is feeling the stress I try to hide! 

I love you Toni and I appreciate what all you do for me!  Keep praying! 

God Blesss, Angie

07-05-2008 9:54 AM -- By: nancy,  From: illinois  

Toni, hello and how are you? I hope your holiday was good. I am thinking of your beautiful mother Bonnie and I know her and my husband have met in heaven. We miss our loved ones so much. It's hard to believe they are really gone. I keep thinking maybe someday he'll come home...wishful thinking, I know.

You take of yourself, and God bless you.

Love, Nancy Conger


07-05-2008 5:37 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sweet Toni and mom bonnie i love you soo much,i hope you had a nice july4th,toni i love your new updates,how did you get the pic into the music players ? too cool,if you can let me know ,i love you soo much,and always know you are in my heart,goodnight hugs Cilla

07-04-2008 11:56 PM -- By: Cheryl,  From:  

Im just know coming home and of coarse the first place I ran to is the computer to check my mommys site! I just had to come visit and say something! Usually I just visit, but theres something in me tonight telling me to say something! It was a horrible fourth of July! But yes the kids had fun, which is all I can ask for! My daddy is spiralling down, he just does not know how to live with out my mommy! And how can I help when I dont know either! I just feel so lost and lonely and helpless!

07-04-2008 7:14 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our Heart  

Dearest Sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Mom Bonnie~~ We wanted to come and wish you and your beautiful family a safe and Happy 4th of July~~ We wanted to bring you lots of love and hugs from our hearts to yours~~We wanted to let you know we're thinking of you~~ You have the most kind and loving  Heart~~ A heart of Gold~~ How can i ever thank you enough for all you have done for me sis~~ Thank you for visiting with us ~~ Your messages always touch my heart in a very special way~~ Thank you for loving  us~~ There will always and forever be a very special place for you in our hearts~~Thank you sis for all of your love and support for us~~  Your Tribute to your mother is so very beautiful.You can see and feel the love you have for her in ever page~~ You have made your beautiful mother so very proud of you~~ Angel Bonnie Ican only imagine the beautiful celebration you and all of our beautiful Angels will be having in Heaven~~ Please wrap your beautiful Angel wings around your beautiful daughter and family and send them lots of Heavenly Hugs~~Sending you all of my love......Love always Darla XOXOXOXOXO


07-04-2008 9:59 AM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dear special earth angel Toni and loving angel mom Bonnie,

I have been thinking about you Toni alot lately. I have been thinking how special you are to me and all these other people on this site that mourn the loss of their loved ones. You Toni are so very special. Always remember that.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me in my most difficult times and still do, as I see all your love that you have for me and Kristy in every message you write on her site. Thank you so much Toni.

I want to wish you a safe and blessed 4th of July too. I know it will be hard on you to celebrate this day. I have such a hard time with holidays after Kristy's passing last year and this year. I know in my heart she will help me too. 

I send you my love Toni and may God bless you always. With love, Kristy's mom, Karen  

07-04-2008 2:46 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

~~happy 4th of july~~


07-04-2008 2:42 AM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest  Sweet Mom and my dear friend Toni,

Just wanting to let you know how very much you mean to me and to let you know that I am always there for you. I am so blessed to have you in my life and I treasure you more than you will ever know. 



07-04-2008 1:56 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

My sweet Toni,i hope you have a nice july 4th as well,im attending my grandma's ninety first birthday tomorrow,God has blessed her so much,i will send you pic's from her birthday tomorrow,i love you with all my heart,and will always be here for you,Mama bonnie please give my dad a big hug on this special holiday and the biggest for yourself,Sending angel kisses to my dearest friends Cilla

07-03-2008 11:33 PM -- By: Cesca,  From: ~Spoken from the Heart~  

Hello Beautiful Angel Bonnie, sending you hugs, love, and prayers in bunches.

Hi Toni, wishing you a Happy 4th of July, please be safe with those fireworks, you just got out of the smokey skies, and we want to keep it that way. Always in my prayers and heart.

Love & Hugs, Cesca

07-03-2008 9:46 PM -- By: Cindy,  From: St.Petersburg,Fl.. U.S.A.  

Dear Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Just stopped in to wish you and your family a safe and Happy 4th of July



07-03-2008 9:38 PM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi Beautiful Angels,

Just wanted to stop in and tell you Happy 4th of July tomorrow!!!! I hope that you have a good day!!!! Love you both very much, Nana Lynn


07-03-2008 6:37 PM -- By: tom,  From: Mn.  

I saved Michael's tribute and added it to his photo album with "made by Toni 2008". On behalf of his family I thank you. God bless you and yours..  have a safe and happy 4th

07-03-2008 6:12 PM -- By: Jeanie,  From: My Heart  

Dear Toni & Angel Mom Bonnie, Coming back to get ideals on songs..lol..because you choose some of the most heart-warming beautiful songs on your Mom's front page..SO...lol...here I am again to.. ( borrow)...lol.. one ..(hope you don't mind). I think I'm gonna play on our new page I created last night for both the kids..(Christie&Chris)..the song called ...A NEW DAY by Celine Dion ???but not sure yet. I'm telling ya..the song I chose they must not like at all...LOL...they must not ..(who knows huh)  and for some reason it..(the playlist)... is  WAYYYYY at the bottom of this new page that's called ..(In Loving Memory)..and WHY its like this I dunno...and now this song I chose..just last night...( hey I liked it. ).lol..(When I Get To Where I'm Going)... will NOT play now for some reason at all..so okay kiddoes....I'm at Toni's looking around for another song to play..lol. and I hope with her help I've found one now that you both will like..lol. Love you Toni and thanks for the song/s. Laters, Jeanie

07-03-2008 4:11 PM -- By: Jeanie,  From: My Heart  

Hi There Toni and Angel Mom Bonnie, Thank you so much again sweety for thinking of us and making once again one the the most beautiful pics of Christie Lee in honoring her as special angel today on your Mom's beautiful memorial. Your Angel Mom's memorial is just beautiful Toni. Your Mom is a beautiful soul..just like her daughter. Both of your beautiful lights..( spirits)...just radiates..( rocks..lol)..here at VM and God Bless You Both. I'm sorry I haven't been by much...if only you knew what has been going on around here...you would understand..lol. It all hasn't been bad stuff happening...just mind-blowing stuff.....( signs).  They are all still with us. Anyway...I love you..thank you for just being you. I'll try harder to start visiting more..I promise. Hey, go check out our updated page called Earth Angels and Heaven's Angels. You all have been on my mind too and always in my heart. I love you all and will be adding more ANGELS to this page I promise. Till laters, love, peace&comfort for us all and Bunches Of Hugs From Us To All Of You. (Calling All Our Angels)...Angels keep sending your signs from heaven to us all. With Love, Jeanie.

07-03-2008 3:09 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Good afternoon toni and mama bonnie,i love you so much,and hope you have a nice day,toni thank you for loving me and my dad it means the world to me,you are truly my earth angel,thank you mom bonnie for blessing me with such a sweet and dear friend,i love you soo much,stop by soon,gentle hugs and kisses Cilla


07-03-2008 2:35 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Touched by An Angel  

Dearest Sweet Beautiful Toni and Beautiful  Angel Mom Bonnie~~ I wanted to come and bring you lots and lots of love and hugs from my heart to yours~~ Thank you so much Sis for your phone call today. I need you so bad today and you were right there for me always~~ Angel Ronnie was trying to tell us something~~ I sure do miss his daily calls to me~~ Sis thank you so much for giving me that big push that I so much needed~~ It will be one month on the 4th of July since Ronnie went to Heaven. I am going to let balloons go at 11:30 pm and light a candel for him afther the fire works~~ Mom Bonnie I can only imagine the celebration that you all will be having for the 4th of July~~ I know you will be with Cathy and Ronnie please give them a hug for me~~ Please watch over your beautiful Daughter Toni and your family~~ Send them lots of Heavenly hugs~~ That sure is one very special daughter you have~~ Thank you for bringing her into my life~~ We luv you with all my heart Sis~~  Mackenzie said to tell Auntie Toni she ate her hamburger~~ That girl is something else~~ Hee Hee Sis i feel so much better ,Thank you with all my heart~~ I want you and your beautiful family to have a very Blessed 4th of July~~ Give your dad and Shelby a big hug from me.I look forward to meeting you sis~~ Sending you all of my love~~ Love always and forever Darla XOXOXOXO


07-03-2008 2:02 PM -- By: Sonya,  From: Missouri  

Hello Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Just a note to let you know the surgery went fine and everyone should be back home today. Thanks a bunch for the prayers from you and all the other VM family

Sonya (Johnathan's Nene)

07-03-2008 11:12 AM -- By: Barb,  From: My Heart is with you  

Toni and Angel Bonnie, just wanted to stop by and share some hugs and prayers this morning and to let you know I am thinking of you....I am still struggling with getting back into my routine with making my rounds to the guest books..and I can not explain why..I have the intentions of doing so...so please know that it is not that I am not thinking of you both.....My heart is with you today and always Love Barb daughter to Barbara Romanish

07-03-2008 3:39 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

My sweet Toni,i love you and mom bonnie soo much,i hope you had a nice day,i love you always,thank you for stopping by today it meant  soo much,gentle hugs Cilla

07-02-2008 8:28 PM -- By: Tina,  From: I Love You!  

My Dearest Toni and sweet Angel Bonnie,

I arrived home from work about 1 hour ago. Just finished supper and the cleaning up. After I came staight away to my computer finding my Angel Gino being honoured in the most Beautiful way by one of the most Special persons I have ever met, you, my Sweet Toni. You are truly A very Special person to me and to so many here for, all the wonderful time consuming  Beautiful things you do for us and for our Angels. God bless you many times over my dear friend. I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses. My Sweet Angel Bonnie, You must be so proud of your Daughter Toni, she is truly one in a million!!!!! God Bless you!

Love always.......Tina, Mamma to Angel Gino!


07-02-2008 7:23 PM -- By: Jessica,  From: Ohio  

Sending tons of hugs your way Toni.

You are in my thoughts and prayers always-

07-02-2008 3:27 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sending my love and hugs to you sweet Toni and mama bonnie,i love you ,stop by soon,Cilla


07-02-2008 4:59 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Toni ,i love you soo much ,sweet dreams,and know im always here for you ,and love you soo much,sending you gentle hugs and kisses ,Mom Bonnie stay close to your sweet daughter always,she has the most beautiful heart..Cilla

07-01-2008 11:11 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Hi my sweet Toni,thinking of you and mama bonnie tonight,i love you with all my heart,stop by soon,gentle hugs cilla

07-01-2008 8:52 PM -- By: christina,  From: ohio  

just dropping by to see your pretty wonderful site you have  abd to say thinking about you and wish you a safe  4th of july. hugs from christina  and angel richelle


07-01-2008 12:24 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sweet Beautiful Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ Oh Toni Thank you so very much for the beautiful Angel Tribute to my sister Cathy today~~ I am over whelmed with tears.The picture is soooo Beautiful.Thank you sis. You have forever touched our hearts forever.We luv you so very much. words cannot express what you mean to us. You have the most beautiful and kind and loving heart.May God always bless you and your beautiful family~~ Thank you sis for loving us and thank you for all of your love and support for usThere will always and forever be a very special place for you in our hearts. Please remember Angie and our family in your prayers.. You are a very  special Angel to us.Beautiful Angel Bonnie thank you for bringing your beautiful daughter into our lifes. Angel Bonnie please watch over your beautiful daughter and send her lots of Heavenly hugs. Sending you all of our love....... Love always and forever .....Darla XOXOXOXO

07-01-2008 11:51 AM -- By: cheryl,  From:  


I know exactly what you mean when you say that you have to manage time and not spend so much time in front of the computer!!! I do spend alot of time here, but I do need to try to do other things for the kids! Which is why im just now responding... I took the kids camping with my sisters and daddy! The kids had such a great time! As for me, well if you look at the pictures in my mommys memorial you can see that going camping is something we take the kids to do every summer, and with out my mommy, it was very hard! I would turn around and swear I see her... then it would kick in and i would remember that shes not here! But what hurt the most is the thought that she would never be there again! I know that she loved the kids running around in the woods, and having so much time, so I am trying for her to let her memory stay in every way possible! But I want you to know that everytime I am on the computer I visit your mom! And please know that I understand that you dont have enough hours in the day to do the same, and I know that its not because me or my mommy dont matter its because you have such a huge heart and I know that alot of people need your help and love! I know that you are here and thats all I need to know!!! you and your mommys relationship has helped me so much, and it continues to! With so much love, Cheryl


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