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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Toni Craigmyle
Bonnie M. Pierce
July 19 1935 - April 22 2007

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09-09-2008 12:28 AM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Toni and Angel Mom,

Toni, you and your dad are in my thoughts and my prayers. You have had so much on your plate for so long and I worry about you. I know Mom and the Angels are there with your dad and you. Know that you are loved and that if you need me, I'm here.



09-09-2008 12:23 AM -- By: Andrea-Ryans Momma,  From:  


09-08-2008 10:49 PM -- By: Barb,  From: My Heart is with you  

Dear Toni and Angel Bonnie... I just wanted to stop in and let you know I am thinking of you.. and praying for you Toni and your Dad...I can imagine.. what your presently going through. My angels have given me such good news today that I have ask them to surround you and your Dad also with the amazing healing powers that they have...The chemo had reduced my tumor to almost half of its original size and thats with one treatment.. treatment # 2 was today... so I sure dont mind sharing all their help with you thats for sure.. I am here if you need me.. never forget that.. no matter what..My heart is with you today and always...Love Barb daughter to Barbara Romanish

09-08-2008 9:26 PM -- By: Your Daughter Toni,  From: Your Love  


Stay close to Dad!!!  I was so scared this morning, after I called 911 I kept asking you over and over to help me be strong!  Since you left, he has had such a hard time, and then losing his sister and brother and then his nephew, his pain is deep!  I know he probably wants to just close his eyes and join you once again, but Mom, I just don't know if I can handle that right now.  I know I will have no choice but except whatever God's plan for him is, but please leave him with me awhile longer!!!  Until i can stand alone without falling!  I Love you Mom and miss you so much, and it's times like this that I need your strength!!  I promised you i would take good care of Dad, and I have done the best I can, I just can't lose him now!!!!  Please Momma ask God for just alittle more time!!!! I love you Momma

Your Daughter Toni


09-08-2008 8:24 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ We wanted to come and let you know were thinking of you.  We are saying special prayers for you and your father and family. I pray  with all my heart that your father will be ok. Toni you have been through so much. I am praying for strength for you sis. We luv you dearly.Angel Bonnie please watch over your beautiful family  and stay close to your beautiful daughter.  I wished I lived closer to you so I could  give you a big hug and tell you in person how much you mean to me. Sis keep your faith strong and know we are praying for you. Your birthday Tribute to Angel James is so beautiful .  Sending you prayers and love and hugs from our hearts to yours~~ Love always.....Darla

09-08-2008 1:39 PM -- By: Donna,  From:  

Sweet angel Bonnie thinking of you today and always sending you my lov!

Dear Toni, The tears just began to pour when I came to visit your mom today,already knowing after receiving your e-mail on dads birthday, but I didnt know he was the specail angel of the day too! What really made all the tears pour is the song how did you know that was my dads funeral song I told nobody on here! I really needed that today! I could never thank you enough for all that you do! I love youso much and thanks for making me feel so not alone on my dads birthday today!

Love always and forever,


09-08-2008 10:57 AM -- By: Cesca,  From: ~Spoken from the Heart~  

Good Morning Beautiful Angel Bonnie, I had to come by today to tell you once again what a wonderful daughter you have given us, even though I know that you know . She is a blessing to all of us here on VM, and some of us have the honor to know her also in private, well dear Angel Bonnie I want to thank you for Toni!
Sending you tons of hugs, love, and prayers.

Hi Toni, I'm sure all of our angels are special to you and that you think every and each day about all of them. You do such a wonderful job on all of the tributes and I know, all of us here on VM appreciate everything you do for us.
I feel so blessed to call you my friend, and your friendship means a lot to me, I enjoy every phone call, too!!! Please let me know how things are going.

Oh by the way, it seems like you have more contact with Ahmad lately than I do , so please tell him to watch over his son Gianmarco, as he is celebrating is 15th birthday today without his father, thank you! And one more thing dear Toni, you can kick Ahmad's precious butt from me, too!
Keeping you always in my prayers and forever in my heart.

Love & Hugs, Cesca
~Gone ; yet not forgotten !

09-08-2008 10:03 AM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dearest Toni and angel mom Bonnie,

Just wanted to visit to send you some hugs this morning! I love you both with all of my heart!!

Kristy's mom, Karen

09-08-2008 2:08 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

My sweetheart Toni,i love you soo much,you have been on my mind so much today, I just wish i could be their to give you a big hug, i love you ,and want you too know if you need me im here ok, im soo sorry for the loss of your dear friend Toot,i will be praying for you and your family,Mama Bonnie stay close to your sweet girl,she means the world to me and so many others at vm.Gentle hugs and kisses Cilla

09-07-2008 11:27 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

so sorry for your recent loss of toot... she is with your mom now! sending hugz to heaven... 


09-07-2008 11:26 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

goodnight sweet angel bonnie, sleep sweetly on your cloud tonight! hi toni, i wanted to thank you for the kimi you sent me for skye... it is beautiful! thank you for being so thoughtful and thinking of us... i wanted to thank you sooner, but hurricane hanna stopped by and we had no internet service! thanking you from the bottom of my heart, for all of the kind and loving things you do... love you! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0, hugz and love!


09-07-2008 9:24 PM -- By: Jackie,  From: Virginia  

Dear Toni and Angel Bonnie,

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you both and sending lots of hugs and love.  Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my prayers.

09-07-2008 7:33 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sweet Toni and beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ We wanted to come and wrap our arms around you and give you the biggest hugs ever~~ We wanted to let you know were thinking of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.  You and your friend Angel Catherine and her family are in our prayers. I pray that God brings you all comfort and strength.  Your Angel Tributes for yesterday and to day are so beautiful.  I luv the beautiful picture of Angel Riley. What a very special Lil Angel he is. The music is beautiful. Toni you have forever touched all of our lifes with these beautiful Angel Tributes that you do for us.  No matter what is going on in your own life you always are there for us all. We luv you dearly and I thank you with all my heart for all you do for us all. You are always in our prayers and in our heart. May God always bless your beautiful heart. Angel Bonnie please wrap your beautiful daughter in your beautiful Angel Wings and let her feel all of your Heavenly hugs~~  Sending you love and hugs from my heart to yours~~ Love always.....Darla


09-07-2008 7:32 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Angel Mom and Toni,

I love Riley's Cuppie Cake picture! I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well and also sorry about Toot. I love you my dear friend and I worry about you. Please rest and take care of yourself. We need you!

Love always and forever




09-07-2008 9:43 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

My Dearest Precious Angels Mom Bonnie and Toni,

I am crying so hard that I can't hardly see to type...this is so adorable and touches my heart more than you will ever know......The song is just perfect too because Riley is truly MY HERO and most certainly the wind beneth my Wings......Toni there are not enough words to tell you what I am feeling right now but you just made my day today and I needed that so so much cause you know today is SUNDAY...and I just don't do well with Sundays...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this day a little easier for me.... and by the way I want to order a dozen of those CUPPY CAKES......

Love you with all my Heart Always and Forever, Nana Lynn


I am so Sorry about Toot and my Prayers are with you and your family.....


09-07-2008 3:33 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From: A safe place ,my heart forever  

My sweet Toni,i love you sweetheart soo much,im soo sorry for the loss of your special friend and nanny  Toot,i will be praying for you and her family,I wish i could be their to give you the biggest hug,i love you and mama Bonnie soo very much,stop by soon,and know I will always be here for you if you need me .I love you so much..Cilla


09-07-2008 12:00 AM -- By: Andrea-Ryans Momma,  From:  



09-06-2008 11:28 PM -- By: Paula,  From:  


Thank you for the notes you left on James site.

It meant a lot to me. (((((HUGS 2 U))))))

Thank you for making James your special Angel. Your heart is filled with so much love for others.


09-06-2008 11:03 PM -- By: Karen Pelletier,  From:  

Dearest Toni and angel mom Bonnie,

Just wanted to thank you for all of your prayers for Kristy's grandmother Pauline. She had surgery to repair her hip and she is doing better. Today she was moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. She has great difficulty walking now and she needs a lot of physical therapy to help her. With all this wind and rain from tropical storm Hanna, it has been a very hectic day over here in Bristol CT. We also had a tornado in Danbury, CT today, about 40 miles from my home town.

 I want to thank you and all our earth angels who has been praying for Kristy's grandmother. The power of prayer is so strong. I send you my love tonight sweet Toni!! God bless you!!

PS.. Can you please pass the message about Kristy's grandmother's recovery if you can. I do not have everyones email address. Thank you dear friend!!

Kristy's mom, Karen 

09-06-2008 9:49 AM -- By: Nana Lynn,  From:  

Hi Beautiful Angels,

I hope that you have a great weekend and I just Love the tributes today,,,,,,,Christopher and Ryan look so so handsome I know that Andi and Andrea will love them....Toni they are so Beautiful and all your hard work is so appreciated....You work so hard on these and put so much love into them.... You are just Awesome...... Lots of Love always, Nana Lynn


09-06-2008 4:55 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sweet dreams  toni and mama bonnie,i love you soo much.Cilla

09-05-2008 10:32 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our Hearts  

Dearest sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ I wanted to come and thank you for your email to me. You brought tears to my eyes.  The Roses were beautiful. I have been so down these last few days and there you were tonight. You always know when my spirits need lifted. Thank you sis for loving us and for always being there for me. You truley are an Angel send to me . Mackenzie's Birthday party is tomorrow. They are going to have her party at build a bear. All the girls will get to make a bear ,She sure is excited. Then tomorrow night we are having cake and Icecream at the park. Ronnie's marker is in and we are waiting for the foundation to be poured so they can deliver it. I am so happy it is done. I will add pictures to his site when it is on. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and always know how much we luv you. You will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. I pray you are doing ok and getting stronger every day.  I am praying for strength for us all . It feels so good to know we are not alone on this long journey of grief~~ You have been here for us since day one we met and I thank you with all my heart. You reached for my hand and you have truly touched my heart. You have the most beautiful kind and loving heart. I appericate all that you have done for us. There is so much i would like to say but i don't know how to put it all into words. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough. Friends come and go in our lifes  for what reasons unknown. We are forever friends , I will always be here for you no matter what. I have a MRI next week for my MS. All the stress lately has really got to me, I am a  strong believer in faith  and I know I will be ok.  Angel Mom Bonnie please watch over your beautiful daughter and let her feel all of your Heavenly hugs. Please tell Shelby hi for me and Your wonderful father to, Sending you love and hugs from my heart to yours. Luv ya. Love always.......Darla

09-05-2008 7:41 PM -- By: nancy,  From: illinois  


Toni, thank you so much for making Mike your special angel. You do such a GREAT job. Thank you so much for all your friendship and love. I'm sure your dear wonderful Mother is smiling down at you and sending you lots of love. God bless you. Love, Nancy


09-05-2008 1:34 PM -- By: Donna,  From:  

Sweet Angel Bonnie Sending you my love and hugs to you!

Toni, Thank you somuch Grandma tribute is beautiful I love it! As the tears are rolling down my face missing her so much! his means so much to me thanks again! Love ya always!


09-05-2008 1:53 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Sweet dreams toni,i love you very much,and hope you have a nice day tomorrow,sending my love to you mama boonie as well ,gentle hugs Cilla

09-05-2008 12:10 AM -- By: Darla,  From: always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sweet Toni and Beautiful Angel Bonnie~~ We wanted to come and check on you sweetie. I pray you  are doing ok. I have kept you in my prayers . We wanted to come and let you know how very much we luv you and how very dear you are to us. You have forever touched our lifes and our hearts in a very special way. Thank you for all of the love and Happiness you have brought to us. Thank you for always being there for us. We will forever treasure your friendship. You are family and you mean a lot to us. Thank you for all that you do for us . Your Welcome Page is so very beautiful. I luv the beautiful butterflies. Your Angel Tributes for today are so beautiful. You have forever touched our hearts with these beautiful Tributes~~Even though you are going through so much your self you are always there for us All. sis please get some rest ,Or I will have to come and sit on ya. Hee Hee.  Angel Bonnie please wrap your beautiful Angel wings around your beautiful daughter and send her lots of extra Heavenly Hugs. That sure is one very special daughter you have. Love Ya. Sending love and hugs from my heart to yours~~ Love always......Darla

09-04-2008 7:05 PM -- By: Barb,  From: My heart is with you  

Toni and Angel Bonnie..thanks for visiting and I do hope you get some very good news from the doctor next week.. I get to go for another treatment on Monday...at least I hope to.. have had a problem with swollen glands this week so we shall see....I have to tell you how good it is to be able to be back and visit the special angels.. and I hope it makes them feel as good as it makes me feel when they visit. I know I was distant for some time...but thankfully I hope I am through that  dark place that I was in..I want you to know Toni.. that its an honor to be considered a friend and one who is on the recieving end of all the special care you give to our angels...I know how difficult it is for you at times..and I admire your strength and perserverance.. My heart is with you today and always Love Barb daughter to Barbara Romanish...

09-04-2008 2:41 PM -- By: Donna,  From: So worried about you!  

Dear Angel Bonnie I want to send you my love and hugs to you, Angel Bonnie please wrap your arms around your daughter oni and help her get through this very hard time right now! Dear Toni, I am so worried about you hon, please tell me if there is anything I could do for you! I know how hard it is going through what you and I are going through believe me I am so tired and I too want to go t bed and stay there but I can't because I have kids that need me so I have to force myself to get up everyday and do the things that need to be done! Just like you, you are needed and loved so muchby each one of us here we need you to fight! We all count on you, you are the one that makes our days by the special things you do for our angels! Please Toni PLEASE I need you to be ok! I want to take all your pain away cause I love you and I am so worried about you! I Started to cry when I got your e-mail saying my grandma is a specail angel tomorrow! You don't know how much this means to me! But in return I want to do something just as special for you! I am praying that you get better soon and all the pain you are feeling goes away! You deserve so much and Iow down deep in my heart that you are going to be OK! I love you Toni!

Your friend,



09-04-2008 1:37 PM -- By: Jeanie,  From: My Heart&Soul  

Dearest Toni, I can't thank you enough for all you've done with support and love for me and so many others and now so much love and support pouring out from all your beautiful hearts for my little grand-daughter Kaitlyn and Travis too. I want to thank all of you for coming by to visit yesterday and today also for Kaitlyn, Travis and Christie. I know somehow that Kaitlyn's Aunt Christie, my baby girl, is right there with her little niece, my little grand-baby, and I know in my heart Christie is being joined by all our angels here and in heaven to pull Kaitlyn out of this. Oh God thank you sweet angels....and keep up the good work. Kaitlyn is doing so much better. I want to thank you for having my Christie as special angel today and the songs playing on your precious Mom's memorial hit home Toni...I just broke down and cried heairng these songs...Beautifully Broken...Broken...and what this means to me...(the songs that were playing).. is if God brings us to it..he can bring us through it  one way or another. It is so hard to understand God's ways sometimes but OH HOW PRECIOUS OUR ANGELS ARE. Thank you sweethearts..this is to all our angels here at VM... for joining in this battle to help Kaitlynn get better and better so she....little Kaitlyn.. can be a true testament that heaven and our angels are with us all performing miracles here in this realm. This is SO SPECIAL but our little Kaitlyn is not out of the dark yet and prayers are still needed. 

 Toni, my computer won't let me right-click for some reason like I always do to save the beautiful pics you make of my angel Christie.  I have saved them all. Could you please somehow just send me this pic so I can have it at least. Maybe I can try later on and it will let me grab it. This dang computer has been messing up again lately. Again thank you for everything and God Be With Us All. Love to each and everyone of you here at VM. Love Always, Jeanie

09-04-2008 10:08 AM -- By: sonya,  From: Missouri  

Hello Ladies,

Thank you Dearest Toni for the beautiful picture of Johnathan. I have been busy with school,work and family matters it seems like I forget which way is right or left anymore,Thanks a bunch, Love ya bunches

Sonya (Johnathans Nene


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